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I attended Hollywood Forever’s Day of the Day Celebration Press Day. My goal was to capture the community, artists, and directors who for 23 years have brought us cultural performances, art exhibitions, Danza Mexica, and the ability to display altars for loved ones who have transitioned for everyone to see. For the past 25 years, families from Michoacan and Oaxaca have taught the traditions of both these states of Mexico at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. The press event was festive and opened with the directors of altars, stage, Catrina stage, Aztec stage, and art exhibition describing the music lineup, art aesthetics, and folkloric direction. Significantly, the theme for this year is Mayahuel, in honor of the Mayahuel Goddess of love, sorrow, water, and the first maguey (agave) plant. This theme welcomes the festivities, art, drink, and dance. 

Like many who hold this tradition dear, I had concerns. Dia de Los Muertos (DDLM) has brought many cultures together to honor our deceased. However, DDLM has also been a huge marketing opportunity. Stores like Target have found ways to market this sacred celebration with craft art during October. Skulls and the imagery associated with the Day of the Dead have become trendy. We will likely see people conflating the day of the dead with Halloween; It is why we must continue to teach people about the sacredness of the Day of the Dead and for people to receive this information with open ears. The organizers and community putting this event together are sensitive to the concern and provide context to the tradition. Hollywood might be a made-believe, but nothing is fake about the incredible work done at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

On October 29th, 2022, Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos will have its biggest installment in Los Angeles with two separate events during the day and evening. Dia de Los Muertos will begin from 9 am-3 pm, followed by Noche de Los Muertos from 5 pm-12 am. I will be attending to capture how this event impacts the surrounding community. Stay in touch for that work. For more details about the event click here. 


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