Latanya_2Latanya_2 Company Overview:

Ibarria Photo is a new photo company located in Los Angeles, California, that provides an authentic service to nonprofits, LLC, and government agencies that uplift people of color. At Ibarria Photo, we believe that to tell a story; we engage everyone involved that is committed to social and racial justice. Our service visually captures the faces of organizers, community leaders, serving foundations, nonprofits, and educational institutions in communities of color.


More than just a photo company: 

Ibarria Photo believes in social justice and racial justice. With 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, Ibarria Photo uses the passion for serving our communities and the creativity through visual media to empower the spaces, organizations, and community.


Ibarria Photo's inspiration comes from Community Growth and Resiliency in our people; we believe in the bigger picture, a higher purpose rooted in inspiring the next generation of leaders. 


Driven by social justice and empowering indigenous, Black, and Brown communities, Ibarria Photo believes in Creativity with Dignity and Respect. We use the art while maintaining dignity and respect in our communities. 


Ibarria Photo provides Rigor in Community Building with Quality; we are committed to a long-term vision for community transformation. At Ibarria Photo, we see the value in relationships and are committed to providing quality work to promote issues that are bigger than a simple transaction. 


We are here to provide Long Lasting Service with Innovation; we continue to look at innovative ways to tell your stories and are dedicated to providing service that brings confidence to our work.